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            2008 Netstal - 420 Ton

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            2008 Netstal

            420 Ton 462 US ton 2-Color | 13.31 / 6.81 oz

            General Specifications

            Brand Netstal
            Tonnage420 Ton (462 US ton 2-Color)
            Shot Size13.31 / 6.81 oz.
            • USA
            • North America
            Model NumberSynergy 4200K-900/460
            Options & Upgrades2-Color machine, Core Pull, Injection Accumulators, 2 sets of moving platen guides to support stack mold center support, Set up to run Valve Gates or Hot Runner Tips, Can run Hydraulic electors on both or one platen
            Machine Notes

            2nd injection unit placed at a 35% angle behind the fixed platen

            High Speed Machine

            Two Machines Available!!

            Technical Specifications

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            Tie Bar Distance28.07 inches  x  28.07 inches
            Daylight Min33.46 inches
            Daylight Max80,71 inches 53.15 Maximum Mold Height
            Core Pull Sequences Yes
            Types of ControlsDSP Controls
            Dimensions 26.52 ftx 7.37 ftx 7.71 ft


            Overall ConditionExcellent
            Barrel & ScrewExcellent
            Material RunPP, PS, HDPE

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