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            2006 Husky Hylectric

            715 Ton | 133 oz oz

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            General Specifications

            Year 2006
            Brand Husky Hylectric
            Tonnage 715 Ton
            Shot Size 133 oz oz.
            • USA
            • North America
            Model Number H650 RS115/100
            Type horizontal
            Options & Upgrades Increased Protrusion to 150mm, Full SPI Mold Mounting Pattern, Air Package, 40 Liter System Air Tank, Proportional Carriage Control, Injection Compression, Simultaneous Operation, High Power Screw Drive, Accum Assisted Injection, Voltage Surge Protection
            Machine Notes

            Robot interface, Mold Cooling Manifolds, Hydraulic Function on both Platens, 4 Hydraulic Valve Gates with Proportional Pressure Limiting and Sequential Control, Full Pattern Eject, Two High Flow Air Valves both Platens.

            Technical Specifications

            • 3-Platen
            • Electric
            Tie Bar Distance 44.1" inches  x  44.1" inches
            Platen Size 61" inches x  61" inches
            Daylight Min 15.7" inches
            Daylight Max 83" inches 43.3 Max Shut Height
            Types of Controls Polaris
            Voltage 460
            Dimensions 39.04' ft x 9.2' ft x 8.47' ft


            Overall Condition Excellent
            Barrel & Screw Excellent
            Material Run PP, HDPE
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