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            2004 Husky Hylectric

            715 Ton | 133 oz oz

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            General Specifications

            Year 2004
            Brand Husky Hylectric
            Tonnage 715 Ton
            Shot Size 133 oz oz.
            • USA
            • North America
            Model Number H650 RS115/100
            Type horizontal
            Options & Upgrades Full SPI Mold Mounting Pattern, Mold Cooling Package, Full Pattern Eject, 9 Liter Tank on Stationary and Moving Platen, 4 Pneumatic Valve Gates with Seq Control, $ Hydraulic Valve Gates with Proportional Pressure Limiting, 2 High Flow Vales each Platen
            Machine Notes

            Increased Protrusion to 150mm, Power Hopper Shut Off, Injection Compression, High Speed Pump Based Injection, Simultaneous Operation, High Power Screw Drive

            Technical Specifications

            • 3-Platen
            • Electric
            Tie Bar Distance 44.1" inches  x  44.1" inches
            Platen Size 61" inches x  61" inches
            Daylight Min 15.7" inches
            Daylight Max 83" inches
            Types of Controls Polaris
            Voltage 460
            Dimensions 39.04' ft x 9.2' ft x 8.47' ft


            Overall Condition Excellent
            Barrel & Screw Excellent
            Material Run PP, HDPE
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