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            2004 Toyo - 150 Ton

            2004 Toyo

            150 Ton Electric | 6.7 oz

            General Specifications

            Brand Toyo
            Tonnage150 Ton (Electric)
            Shot Size6.7 oz.
            • USA
            • North America
            Model NumberSi-150-II
            Machine Notes

            Air Drive Shut-Off Nozzle, High Pressure Injection, Wear Resistant Screw and Barrel, High Temperature use Heater Bands 842 degree Fahrenheit, Air Blow, 3 Port Pneumatic Valve for Air Blow, Air Core Pull, Hydraulic Core Pull, Mold Temperature Indication, Heat Insulating Plate for Mold, Interface for Vacuum System, Interface for Valve Gate, Interface for Conveyor Start, Interface for Mold Clamp System, Injection Compression Software

            Technical Specifications

            • Double Toggle Electric
            Tie Bar Distance18.11 inches  x  18.11 inches
            Platen Size 25.70 inchesx  25.70 inches
            Daylight Min5.91 inches
            Daylight Max37.44 inches 21.7" Max Mold Height
            Core Pull Sequences Yes
            Types of ControlsPLCS 10
            Dimensions 16 ftx 3.9 ftx 5.5 ft


            Overall ConditionExcellent
            Barrel & ScrewExcellent
            Material RunPP/PS

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