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            1996 Engel

            3000 Ton | 282 oz oz

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            General Specifications

            Year 1996
            Brand Engel
            Tonnage 3000 Ton
            Shot Size 282 oz oz.
            • USA
            • North America
            Model Number ES14000-3000
            Type horizontal
            Options & Upgrades 2 Core Pull on both platens, Herzog shut off nozzle, Electric Screw Drive, Clamp Piston Seal replaced, ANSI safety upgrades,, Mattec Interface retrofit, High wear screw and barrel, Quick mold change blocks, 9 Mold Gates, 36 HR Zones, 2 comp Air Circuits
            Machine Notes

            Around $200,000 in spare parts included with machine

            Technical Specifications

            • 2-Platen
            Tie Bar Distance 82.68" inches  x  66.93" inches
            Platen Size 124.41" inches x  110.24" inches
            Daylight Min 31.57" inches
            Daylight Max 165.35" inches 78.74" Max Mold Height
            Core Pull Sequences Yes 2 Cores on each platen
            Types of Controls CC100 A01
            Voltage 480


            Overall Condition Good
            Barrel & Screw Very Good
            Condition Notes Recent Upgrades: Clamp Piston Seal Replacement (2014), Press had ANSI upgrades for safety (2012), Moving Platen Wheel and Bearing Replaced (2016), Injection Unit Seal Replaced (2015), Mattec Interface Retrofit (2015), High Wear Screw, Barrel (2011), QSO Valve Replacement (2011), Auxiliary Sequential Valve Gate Controller
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